Garden Update

IMG_8301.JPGThis year has been pretty slow in terms of garden yield. I’m not sure if it’s the heat, the lack of rain, a mix of both or something else entirely, but regardless my garden is not doing as well as it usually does. Below are some photos of my garden last year, which was one of my best years in terms of yield. I had endless beets, tomatoes, zucchinis along with other veggies (as you can tell from the photo below).


Unfortunately this year has not been quite as rewarding on the gardening front. I’ve had no zucchinis, nor will I. the tomatoes are only starting to ripen and are in pretty short supply. And none of my root veggies took off… I must say that my raspberries and greens have done pretty well though. Here are some pictures of this year’s garden.



Yesterday I harvested the first of the tomatoes, which was good. But I’m quite disappointed in the outcome this year. Is anyone else having issues in the garden this summer?




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