Chasing Waterfalls

Last Sunday was one of my rare days off and I decided, what better way to spend it than adventuring with friends?img_9024 My friend Camryn and I set off and a wild waterfall hunt through the Pottawatomi Conservation Area near Owen Sound Ontario. We got lost a few times and managed to go in the opposite direction than the waterfall, but regardless of our terrible navigational skills we made it there.

Neither of us had ever been to Pottawatomi Conservation Area, so we didn’t really know
what to expect. When we pulled into the parking area there were some beautiful old stone ruins that I stopped to photograph.

The hike in to Jones Falls was really beautiful too. The entire time we were walking through beautiful forest with big rocks covered in lush moss. Do you know that feeling when there is a body of water near by and you can feel the cool dampness in the air? That is what it felt like as we trekked through this forest, it was really quite nice.


When we finally reached Jones Falls we splashed around a bit and of course took some photos. img_9029Our main struggle was trying to get a decent photo of the two of us without using a tripod (since I did not bring one) and without someone there to take the picture for us. I set up a pretty elaborate rock and stick perch for my camera, but ultimately could not beat the 20 second timer as many of the photos were captured as I was running into the frame. Overall it was a nice day trip to do. It’s very interesting to explore natural wonders close to home. What I found interesting about Jones Falls is how close it is to the “downtown” of Owen Sound. It’s really wonderful how beautiful places like these can be found where you wouldn’t expect them.








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